ASD(Advanced Server motor Drive)


*High dynamic field oriented control
*Sensor and sensorless operation modes for permanent magnet synchronous motors and induction motors
*Current, speed and position control loops are running with up to 16 KHz and up to twice a PWM interval
*Speed loop bandwidth up to 200 Hz (depending on speed sensor)
*Current loop bandwidth up to 1200 Hz (depending on current sensor)
* Standard digital inputs are sampled at every 2.5mS
*Automatic limiting features
* Various interfaces to encoders and process signals
*Multiple digital and analogue inputs/outputs
*2 feedback sensors for applications of requiring the compensation of backlash
* 2nd encoder can be used as a set point generator
*Electronic gear box for second encoder with integer numerator and denominator for zero-variation gear ratio.
*Separate PID controller with torque or speed output for process control
*Deep field weakening control
*Multi-language human machine interface
* Communication for user monitoring and control
*Optional regeneration management


Motor types Synchronous motor
AC-servo motor
Induction motor
Output frequency range 0 – 1000Hz All operating modes
Speed range Up to 30,000 RPM
Motor voltage 220V, 380, 400V, 660V, 1140V according to power stack ratings
Power rating According to power stack rating
Switching frequency 1 – 16kHz according to power stack rating
Options cover various interfaces to encoders and process signals Incremental encoder
Hiperface  encoder
Sin/Cos encoder
Pulse & direction
Communications for user monitoring and control Modbus RTU
9600 Baud – 115.2 kBaud
Human Machine Interface 4 lines
12 buttons
Human Machine Interface language Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Operating modes High dynamic field oriented control (advanced vector control)
‧Torque control
‧Speed control
‧Position control
‧Torque control with external torque transducer
V/Hz control
‧Speed control
Sensorless control
‧Induction motor
‧Permanent magnet synchronous motor
AC  source
Extended speed range operation Deep field weakening control
‧Induction motor
‧Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Standard application configurations ‧Torque control
‧Torque control with external torque transducer
‧Precision speed control
‧Absolute positioning for lead screw
‧Incremental positioning for cut to length with stationary, flying or rotary cutters
‧Hoist / elevator
‧Electric vehicle traction drive
‧Dynamometer  for testing motor or engine
‧Packaging machine
‧Plastics machines
‧Textile machines
‧Printing machines
‧Paper machines
‧Hoisting gear
‧Machine tools
‧Rolling mills
‧Test stands
Automatic limiting features DC bus voltage limit
Torque limit
Speed limit
DC bus motoring current limit
DC bus generating current limit
Regeneration management 4-Q control with line side converter
Brake chopper control
Inputs 1 Analogue (+/- 10V, 4-20mA)
2 Analogue (+/- 10V)
10 Digital, general purpose
1 Digital, enable function
1 Incremental shaft encoder
Additional inputs available with expansion cards
Outputs 2 Analogue (+/- 10V)
2 Digital
2 Relays
Additional outputs available with expansion cards
Motor thermal protection PTC thermistor  PTC
NTC thermistor  NTC
I2T motor protection
Motor parameters Automatic motor parameter identification
Manual parameter entry
On-board shaft sensor interface Incremental encoder interface
Expansion connectors 2 positions for interface cards
Expansion cards Incremental encoder interface
Resolver interface
Hiperface interface
Motor current sensor interface
Sin/Cos sensor interface
Position pulse signal interface
Built-in logic features Line contactor control
Motor contactor control
Mechanical brake control
Position control homing sequence
Other control elements 1 x Uncommitted PID controller for user application
Control system power 24Vdc