Solid State Relays

Solid state relays (SSR)

Solid state relays (SSR) Commonly known as SSR, the Solid State Relays represent 60% of the turnover of celduc relais. These innovative and highly efficient components are used to control all types of loads used in many industries. The major applications are :
- Industrial heating and temperature control : plastic injection molding, furnaces, power supply distribution systems, air conditioning, textile, infrared heating, drying, thermoforming,...
- Motor control: pumps, compressors, plastic injection molding, conveyors, fans, ...
- Lighting : public lighting, cinema, theater lamps, airport runaway lamps, road lighting, ...
- PLC interface
- Transformer starting
- Power factor corrector
- Uninterrupted power supplies

Every day new applications calling for reliability, no noise and long life expectancies make use of our higly innovative solid state relays that small but vital "extra" when compared to our competitors' products.