Closed-loop PMSM / AC Servo motor drives

Product line: ASD-PC
Closed-loop PMSM / AC Servo motor drives
3-phase380-440Vac575-690Vac1000-1140 Vac1.5KW~500KW
Typical applications: Closed loop control of various permanent magnet synchronus motors / AC servo motors supporting a wide range of feedback devices
Key features:
Utilizing magnetic field oriented control (FOC), with higher efficiency, more stable control function, high dynamic response and high precision             control.
Intelligent auto tuning.
Optional active front end (AFE) power quality convertor can return excess braking energy back onto the power line. The AFE provides power 
   factor control for power quality managmenent and greatly reduces unwanted power harmonics.
Supporting the commands of pulse input, analog input and digital         input.
Optional braking unit, external braking                   resistor.
Supporting incremental encoder, resolver, sine and cosine encoder, Hiperface encoder.
Supporting dual PG full closed loop control.
Supporting electronic gear ratio switching function.
Optional external accessory for electronic cam control.
Multi segment position control.
Safety shutdown function.
The incremental encoder resolution can reach to 1280000 p/rev.
Built-in PID.
Standard MODBUS communication.
Various control modes of torque, speed and position, and can be quickly switched through control terminals or                           communication.
High torque control accuracy, and can provide closed loop torque control.
High torque: Under the mode of FOC + PG mode, the output torque at 0Hz can be up to 300% according to customer's requirement.